• Industry 4.0 - First part check

Industry 4.0 - First part check

Palas’s PFIS-DE-1P software module enables digital recording of QC data on portable touch systems and later transferring to a central system for storage and report generation


  1. Select the shift from a drop down list, or enter the shift number
  2. Select the inspector name from list of authorized inspectors
  3. Enter the inspectors PIN to start
  4. For each station’s check-point, put a √ or X in the box, depending whether part meets specs or not
  5. As a time saving option, by selecting default, a √ will be put except where inspector has put X
  6. Finally select operator from list. Operators photo, number and skill will automatically appear
  7. If operator name not on list, select “other” and enter name manually
  8. Once entry is complete, touch “submit” to save the data
  9. Upload to main PC can be done manually if no LAN/WiFi is available on the floor. Download of database to the PFIS on the portable system can be done manually or automatically

For any manual data entry, an onscreen keyboard will be used

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Industry 4.0 - First part check

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