Patient Registration for OPD Patients


    • Safer for hospital registration staff, reduces chances of infection as less patient-to-receptionist / cashier contact
    • Dis-infect, as many times a day as needed, with Alcohol based sprays without damaging the system. Sanitizing wipes kept next to the system can be used by patients to clean the screen, if needed
    •  All metal and glass construction, easy to clean. No plastics. Optional Stainless steel

  • Easy to use touchscreen based software enables quick patient registration.
  • Payment by e-wallet is standard, eg PayTM, Bhim, UPI, etc. Optional credit/debit card payment—safer, as patients themselves insert card, cashier need not touch customer’s card
  • A4 size print-outs give details like patient name, age, number, amount paid, department / doctor
  • Registration data is sent at periodic intervals to reconcile with main hospital records at the back end
  • Optional outdoor systems that can be kept outside the building entrance
  • Works 24×7, overcoming problems of shortage of trained staff


Table Top Model, with dual monitor :

Metal & glass (no plastic) – fully sealed, easy to clean, smooth surfaces, no hard-to-reach surfaces, can be splashed with alcohol or water, or swabbed with alcohol wipes







Palas Self Service Systems include :
• Capacitive touchscreen monitor
• Intel Celeron processor
• E-wallet payment integrated
• Pre-loaded basic registration software
• Windows 10 operating system makes it easy to also install your own software
• Optional Credit / Debit Card Reader
• Optional QR/Barcode scanner
• 4 standard sizes, 17”, 21.5”, 27”, 32”
• Optional Multilingual text
• Educate users with safety videos

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