Digital Signage


Palas Mall Directory, India

    Mall Directory & Building Maps
    Make your building directory a revenue earner using interactive advertising modules.Ideal for
  • Mall Directories
  • "brick & mortar" stores to promote their online stores
  • Building directories
  • Up to 65" diagonal
  • Targeted advertising - Advertisement played depends on product or store searched for by customer
  • Easily updated over LAN, or through the internet

Palas Digital Signage, India

    Digital Signage In Showrooms
  • Engage customers with a uniform corporate presentation across all outlets
  • Instantly update all your showrooms with latest product updates
  • Selective updates possible eg by States or Cities
  • Remote management from a central server

Palas Web Browser, India Palas Web Browser
Uses the Palas interactive browser to get customers to browse
an existing website. Quick start-up and low cost, as special
software does not need to be developed, if the existing
site is "touch-friendly".
For public access interactive kiosks, it is important that that users access only specified web sites, and the Palas browser is designed to restrict access to any other site. Though this runs on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge 14 or above, the browser does not allow access to the desktop by normal users to prevent unauthorised changes being made.
Requirement: Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge 14 or above

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Palas Content Viewer Software Palas Content Viewer
PCVS is an application that displays PDFs, images, videos, etc. in an easy-to-use menu-driven interface, at the touch of a finger.
Any computer hardware running Windows 10, including tablets, can be used. PCVS runs best on widescreen (16:9) touch displays. However PCVS can be used with a mouse as well.
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Patient Registration Self Service Kiosk
Patient Registration Kiosk for OPD Patients easy to disinfect and sanitise.
Safer for hospital registration staff, reduces chances of infection as less patient-to-receptionist / cashier contact.
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