Palas Touch Table

Deliver stunning sales presentations or visual pitches with slick, stylish Palas Touchscreen Tables. Enhance business meetings, events and office receptions with 24/7 displays allowing multiple touch points. An easy and entertaining way to engage customers and colleagues.

  • A fun way to showcase the entire product range in a store
  • As restaurant tables—not affected by food or liquids
  • Show, discuss plans of a new building or project. Zoom-in for details
  • Meeting rooms—discuss yesterdays QC charts

Uses 3M Projected Capacitive touch technology and electronics, offers fast, accurate and simultaneous 40-finger touch.
Sizes available - from 43cm (17") and 165cm (65")

  • Unaffected by liquids, dust, grease, moisture, paan stains, etc.
  • See video at
  • Up to 60 simultaneous touches for 32" and above
  • Stunning visuals with the full HD 1920x1080 resolution display or the Optional 4K or 3840x2160 resolution display
  • Powerful performance - next generation Intel processors; Up to 32 GB RAM
  • Up to 256 GB SSD or up to 2 TB HDD
  • Choice of operating systems (Windows 10, Linux, Android)
  • Designed & manufactured in India