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Palas Contactless Visitor Registration (PCVR) software. Try Free Trial
Maintain social distance of visitors at Factory main gates using Palas Contactless Visitor Registration (PCVR) software. Visitors use their own mobile to make an entry pass. No extra hardware to be purchased.

  • Employee logs into PCVR from their internet connected computer or mobile and enters details of expected visitor - Mobile, Name
  • Visitor gets message on their mobile that their appointment is confirmed with a web link to PCVR
  • On arrival at entry gate, visitors, on their own mobile, go to the web link, their mobile number is verified with OTP. Then, on their phone, they get a form with their name and that of the employee pre-filled; next they take their photo using their own mobile, then enter details of any special products they are carrying
  • On completion, visitor gate pass is printed at Entry Gate for self-collection. For this printing, any PC with printer can be used, that is lying surplus with the organization being visited and can be kept near the entry gate, typically with the guard
  • Visitors can also book an appointment with employee by sending request on PCVR link; once appointment is approved, on appointment date and time they can generate their gate pass themselves as above
  • Effectively out-sources entry pass making to visitors. Saves manpower, and helps maintain social distance


Palas Contactless Employee Attendance (PCEA) software Try Free Trial
Maintain social distance of employees at Factory main gates using Palas Contactless Employee Attendance (PCEA) software. Employees use their own mobile to mark attendance. No extra hardware to be purchased.

  • Employee logs into PCEA from their internet connected mobile
  • Once inside the Entry gate, they take a photos - selfie, including company gate/logo/reception to show presence
  • These photos, along with a location, are stored online in the cloud
  • Employee re-affirms adherence to Covid Guidelines. Temperature scanning of all employees can be done in addition separately
  • On departure, employee repeats these steps
  • HR and/or other departments can log-on to the cloud to see attendance, and generate reports as needed. Line managers can easily see if the complete line manning has entered the premises, enabling absentee planning early


WIS and Control Plans at the touch of a finger. Easily updated across the plant
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Palas WIS, India
Enter data easily, on the plant floor, and view it from anywhere
Employees can choose the product, quality parameters, production numbers by simply touching choices on the screen. Large, intuitive buttons make operation very simply and quick. Data displayed and generated is stored on the server through the LAN network. In a typical application, this data can be accessed by in-house ERP systems and integrated into management reports.

Palas Touch Systems are in use on plant floors in India and overseas in a large number of industries with an amazing variety of uses

  • Machine tool control
  • Process Control, mounted on equipment and in the control room
  • Web view and vision control in high speed printing machines
  • Dashboard information
  • Employee suggestions and grievances
  • Air Traffic Control with Palas Ultra high resolution displays


Palas Visitor Check-In Kiosk Software
Control access to your facilities and streamline visitor check-in and check-out.

  • On-the-spot visitor data / photo capture and visitor pass printing
  • Easy employee detail updates through network
  • Email alerts to employee
  • Optional SMS notification to employee and visitor
  • Optional pre-approved Visitors with PIN sent to visitor by SMS
  • Multi gate functionality for entry-exit tracking across number of gates in large enterprises
  • Customised analysis and reports for management team
  • Minimal hardware specification required
  • Works with Windows operating system

Also available slim kiosk enclosure with
1) Fast 17" touch screen
2) HD camera
3) High-speed thermal printer
4) Biometric scanner
5) PALAS Visitor Check-In Kiosk Software
@ Rs. 1,12,700 only. Duties, taxes and freight extra