Palas Single Touch Screen Monitor, Touchscreen Monitor, India Palas PCUM series Touch Monitors use the world's best touch screens, based on 3M's Touch Technology (Single Touch, Capacitive).
All glass touch screen construction - Operation unaffected by liquids, dust, dirt, grease.
Fast: The worlds fastest touchscreens, less than 5.4ms response time User friendly: Anti-reflective finish, easy glide surface coating for a smooth feel.
Rugged: Metal Panel Body is designed for hot, harsh, dusty environments.
Extended warranty packs available.
Easy mounting through VESA mount or side mounting points.
Can be used inside a kiosk, fixed to a wall or pole, or panel mounted.
Dimensions do not change over years, making it ideal for OEMs Several colour options and finishes.
Local service: Ensures high uptime. Available ex-stock in India.
Made in India.